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USAA is unique in that it only covers military personnel, veterans, and their family members. For all its types of insurance, USAA earns high marks for customer satisfaction, and is particularly well-known for its friendly, helpful customer service. Insurance rates for USAA tend to be competitive, and the company has a strong range of plans available. However, USAA conducts business almost entirely online and by phone, so you can’t go into a local office. While most customers report that USAA doesn’t hike their rates, a small amount have complained about excessive or unnecessary rate increases.

Automotive Insurance

USAA provides all the standard automotive insurance protections, and you can choose how much protection you want. You can also add additional perks, such as roadside assistance and rental coverage. In certain states, USAA offers accident forgiveness. One of the biggest positive factors of USAA automotive insurance is the amount of discounts available to lower your bill, including discounts for taking a defensive driving class, insuring multiple cars through USAA, and being a good student.

The company scores exceptionally well in the claims process, where customers report high levels of satisfaction. Some customers complained about significant rate increases after an accident.

Homeowner’s Insurance

USAA offers excellent coverage through its homeowner’s insurance, which covers damages and loss due to theft, fire, vandalism, and most weather occurrences. If your home is damaged or destroyed, USAA pays for the cost of rebuilding it through replacement cost coverage. Your belongings are safe as well, as USAA covers the replacement costs of your belongings in an amount up to 75 percent of your insurance coverage. If you don’t own your home, you can still protect it through USAA renter’s insurance.

While USAA’s home insurance is good, it isn’t on the same level as its automotive insurance. The claims process can be more difficult, and customers have complained about both their premiums and unnecessary premium increases.

Life Insurance

USAA has the standard options of term life and permanent life insurance, and offers you the option of switching a term life policy to a permanent policy without getting examined by a doctor. As expected from a company tied so strongly to the military, USAA has a policy option for deaths caused by war.

The company’s life insurance options are firmly in the middle of the pack, with competitive rates.


USAA performs at its best in terms of automotive insurance, where the simplicity of the claims process and the excellent customer service place it well ahead of the pack. Low rates make it an affordable option, no matter how much coverage you need.

The company’s homeowner and life insurance options don’t separate themselves much, but are still reasonable options worthy of consideration.