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A major name in the insurance industry, Travelers Insurance started in 1864. It offers several types of insurance, including auto and property insurance. Customer service is one of the company’s strong suits, particularly when signing up for insurance. While it usually isn’t the cheapest option available, Travelers Insurance is well respected and a solid choice for any type of insurance.

Auto Insurance

Travelers Insurance offers as much auto insurance coverage as drivers need, whether that’s liability, collision, or comprehensive coverage. The company also has a few packages that you can add to your policy, such as the responsible driver plan, which includes accident and minor violation forgiveness. It has most of the standard auto insurance discounts, including discounts for bundling multiple types of insurance and safe driver discounts. However, it is missing a few discounts that its competition offers, such as family discounts. Even with discounts, premiums with Travelers Insurance tend to be a bit high.

One of the great things about Travelers Insurance is its extensive network of local agents. It’s easy to meet an insurance agent in-person, and all the company’s insurance sales go through agents. The agents themselves are very helpful and provide enough information to help you make an informed decision. However, purchasing insurance online is common in this day and age, and that’s one option that this company lacks.

The claims process with Travelers Insurance is average. You can make a claim over the phone, online, or through the company’s mobile app, and check your claim status online. The company lets you get your car fixed anywhere, and provides suggestions if necessary. While these options are a strong point and phone agents can be helpful, Travelers Insurance has received quite a few complaints regarding the claims process, specifically in regards to delays and denials. Complaints about claims are common with any insurance company, but this company’s number of complaints are above average, even when taking its size into account.

Property Insurance

The standard property insurance options, including homeowners, renters, and condo insurance, are avialable through Travelers Insurance. Its property insurance policies are fairly standard, with coverage for property damage and replacement dwelling costs available. You can also add extended coverages, including for personal property or water damage.

Just like with its auto insurance, Travelers Insurance also offers a wide range of discounts with its homeowners insurance. The company has both standard discount options, such as discounts for equipping your home with alarms, and a more unique energy efficient home discount. Premiums are middle of the road for the company’s property insurance, and some customers complain about their payout on claims.

Other Types of Insurance

Travelers Insurance is a large insurance company and therefore offers many types of insurance, including boat, valuable item, and identity fraud insurance. It is missing a few common types of insurance offered by its competitors, including property insurance for rental properties.

Website and Mobile App

The company’s website and mobile are both good, but not great, as it hasn’t quite embraced technology in the same way some of its competitors have. The website has a basic layout that can be a bit frustrating to navigate, but it does have a solid account section. While the website has some insurance information available, it falls short in comparison to other large insurance company sites. The mobile app is simple to use and about average for an insurance company app.


Travelers Insurance has been around a long time and prides itself on its professionalism, which is reflected in its customer service. It has extensive coverage options for the types of insurance it offers, although premiums are often a bit high for what you get. The company is behind the curve when it comes to technology, only selling its insurance through its agents. Customers who value in-person service should feel right at home with Travelers Insurance, but those who would rather sign up online could find the process frustrating.