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A fixture in life insurance for over a century, Transamerica has a strong reputation of consistent quality. The company offers several types of life insurance and plenty of policy options, making it easy for customers to find exactly what they need.

Flexibly Policy Options

For its life insurance policies, Transamerica offers term, whole, universal, and variable universal life insurance, with a breakdown of each on its website. The company has plenty of coverage options available to protect your family, including accidental death coverage, final expense coverage for funeral costs, a mortgage life option to pay off your mortgage, and an estate protection policy rider that covers tax obligations from your policy. Transamerica also has policy riders to protect you in the case of a disability or a serious illness. If you choose a term life policy, you can add a return of premium option to refund your premium should you outlive the term.

The company’s rates are reasonable for what it offers and competitive with the other major life insurance companies. You may find lower life insurance rates, but not with the extensive options or the level of service that Transamerica offers. Some customers have complained about their premiums going up with Transamerica, but the number of complaints are about average for a life insurance company of this size.

Professional Customer Service

Customer service is one of Transamerica’s best attributes. The company takes pride in its reputation, so you’re unlikely to deal with the customer service problems that plague some low-cost insurance companies. Representatives are helpful and informative. When you’re considering policies, you can call in and get information without feeling pressured into buying right away. If you prefer in-person assistance, you can schedule a meeting with a life insurance agent.

Despite its age, Transamerica embraces technology, so it has several communication methods available. Phone representatives are available throughout the week, or you can send an email. Transamerica also answers questions via social media on its Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus accounts. When you’re on the company’s website, you can ask questions while you browse using live chat. The wide range of contact options makes getting in touch with Transamerica simple and convenient.

Excellent Online Resources

The Transamerica website is high quality, with a professional layout that’s easy to navigate. It’s also packed with valuable information, including answers to common life insurance questions. The Personal Plan Builder takes your information into account and creates a plan specifically for you. Transamerica also has a mobile app, but it’s fairly limited, especially in comparison to the website.

The Claims Process

When it comes to claims, Transamerica rates about average in customer satisfaction compared to other life insurance companies. Representatives are professional, but some customers complain about a slow claims process or issues getting their claims in order. Once again, it’s a normal number of complaints considering the size of the company, but it is something to keep in mind.


There’s a reason Transamerica has been around this long – the company takes care of its customers. Life insurance is available for any budget, and the company’s coverage selection is as good as it gets. Transamerica stands out as one of the top life insurance companies on the market.


Transamerica Review

Transamerica Life Insurance Review