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If you’re searching for a company who primarily deals with auto insurance, State Farm is the company you’re looking for. A lot of their competitors offer various types of insurance, but State Farm knows the auto industry like the back of their hand.

They offer other types of insurance to cover your boat, home, health and more but you don’t need to bundle a billion policies with them to save money like their competitors. You’ll see your savings right up front because of their diverse insurance policy options and coverages.

They pay extra attention to claims that are made, which is nice because you know you’ll receive experienced customer service. It doesn’t matter if your car was damaged during a hailstorm, or if you hit a deer, or if someone recklessly crashed into you. They’ll know how to take care of things from the first initial contact when you let them know something is wrong. The same is also true if you have a homeowners claim or need to make changes to your existing policy.

According to the BBB, State Farm is a favorable business and maintains an A- rating for their report card grade. While they don’t quite have a 4 out of 5-star rating, they do come pretty close which shows that customers are generally satisfied with the customer service and that their needs are met.

On the flip side, other sites such as where consumers can leave reviews, State Farm has an A++ rating and 88% of reviewers stated that they would recommend State Farm to a Friend. An even higher number, 98%, say that they intend to renew their policy. With only 2% dissatisfied customers, they continue to maintain their high standards to make that number even smaller. While most companies strive to appease 100% of their customers, it’s not always possible but State Farm intends on making that a realistic number; no wonder so many people stay with them and continue their insurance needs with a company that they can trust.

Customer service is one of the things that State Farm prides themselves on, which in this day and age is very important. We live in a time where instant gratification is almost demanded, so when you have a question or problem, you want an answer or resolution right away. State Farm tries their best to meet the needs of customers no matter how big or small.

Since they are such a big company, local agents are easily accessible because there are so many. You never have to worry about only having an 800 number to contact. Most of the time you can simply call your local agent to address questions or concerns. If it is after hours, you can call into the 800 number for immediate assistance, which is nice because not all accidents happen during normal business hours.

You’ll also be swimming in discounts if you’re a safe driver, a good student, or have multiple vehicles to insure. Of course, those aren’t the only discounts you can take advantage of because there are many more. State Farm is known for having fair prices with great coverage options for you to choose from.

With almost 100 years in the business, State Farm continues to lead in the auto insurance industry, allowing consumers to make informed buying decisions with competitive rates and policy benefits. The underwriting process seems smooth and flawless, which makes them so attractive to new customers who’ve had negative experiences with other companies.