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Safeco has been protecting its clients with personal insurance coverage since 1923. Some of the products offered by Safeco include Auto insurance, Home insurance, and Motorcycle insurance. Apart from the main insurance covers, the firm offers other customized insurance products that include Condo insurance, watercraft or boat insurance, and renters insurance.

While Safeco claims to offer the products and services in a professional manner, it would appear that its service delivery methods raise mixed reactions from their clients. To fully appreciate the commitment of Safeco in solving its clients’ problems, it is imperative to consider some of the important issues highlighted by clients based on online reviews of their products.

Customer care services

Customers have highlighted poor customer service as one of the problems that they face while dealing with Safeco Insurance. Based on 79 online reviews, customers have expressed a lack of satisfaction on Safeco customer care services.

For example, one customer claimed that a Safeco agent was rude and not as helpful as expected. The customer claimed that she had not received the expected bill on time. When she asked a Safeco agent why it took too long to receive her bills, the agent rudely dismissed her arguing that he was not the one controlling postal services. The customer felt that the treatment by the agent belittled her and that the agent was simply being disrespectful.

Another customer claimed that he faced various problems while paying for a policy but the customer service representative had no clue on how to resolve the customer’s situation. In addition to the two customers, another customer claimed that a Safeco staff hit him and even though he kept on calling and left messages for Safeco, there have been no response nine months later.

Despite the complaints from unsatisfied customers who cited poor customer care services, there are clients who feel that Safeco has an excellent method of delivering its services and recommends it to interested customers.

For instance, one of the clients felt that Safeco offered the best customer care service and good response to customer related needs. This client expressed his confidence in the company and identified honesty, integrity, and teamwork as some of the qualities that the company employees possess.

Another customer cited his experience with Safeco as one of the best he has ever had pointing out that assistance came in a timely manner. The client also explained that the information needed on a policy and education on different types of coverage was given thus enabling him to select a policy that suited his needs.

Reviews on Auto and Home insurance policies

Auto and home insurance, being some of the products offered by Safeco, have not been left behind in the clients’ reviews with clients expressing mixed reactions on them. For example, one client claimed that after buying a car and the car dealer writing the policy information on a lease paper, he had to pay from the pocket a year later due to windshield crack as the company had not added the vehicle to the policy. The client described the company as the worst insurance company he has had to deal with.

Concerning the home insurance segment, a client claimed that Safeco had not been of help. He claims that he would not recommend anybody to the company after going through a horrendous experience with the company even after suffering from a flooded basement.

A big percentage of the customer reviews, however, show that Safeco is a great insurance company to work with. For instance, one client expressed total satisfaction in Safeco insurance company on auto insurance. Other clients described Safeco as one of the best among top insurance companies to work with hence recommended the company to all persons interested in buying any of the insurance covers offered by the company.