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Almost everyone has seen Flo from Progressive. On the commercials, she dresses in all white and uses humor to lure customers in, and does a great job of showing how competitive their insurance rates are. You can call or go online to check out Progressive’s insurance offers, and they have a wide array of options for you to choose from including car, motorcycle, and homeowners and renter’s insurance.

One way to know that you’re doing business with a reputable company is by knowing what their employees have to say about them. If a company treats their employees well, it shows they care about them and those people will care about you. According to, Progressive employees seem to be a happy bunch.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that a happy employee will treat your customers well in the business world, and it seems as though Progressive has used this to their advantage–and for good reason. There are many satisfied customers who have gone to bat to leave glowing reviews about the benefits of their policy, the competitive pricing, and the wonderful customer experiences they’ve had when dealing with claims or making adjustments to their existing policies.

When looking through consumer reviews, it’s important to remember that very few people who’ve had a positive experience will take time to think about it later and write a thoughtful review, so when considering this fact, it’s amazing how many good reviews there actually are. If this many people thought to leave a review about their experience with Progressive, imagine how many more positive stories are out there that haven’t been written about.

Many customers have raved about the wonderful coverage they’ve had which is important when you need to make a claim. Some customers may feel like making a claim is a hassle, but not with Progressive. They make it seamless and walk you through the entire process, ensuring that every detail is covered and that you’re not left in the dark. Their main goal is to make sure you are satisfied and that your car or property are taken care of before taking care of the other guy.

You’ll also know that you’re getting one of the best rates on the market with them because their savings is astronomical compared to some of their competitors. Progressive can afford to give you a bigger discount because they have so many customers, which helps keep the cost on policies affordable. You can opt for the lowest insurance coverage they offer, but when you find out that maximum coverage is only a few dollars more, you can’t pass it up. When you’re in an accident or your home has been broken into, you want to make sure you have complete coverage and that’s where Progressive steps it up.

You can also call them 24 hours a day about inquiries, claims, and much more. If your local agent works 9-5, they’re useless at 2 AM when you’re out on the road and have an accident. You’ll have to wait hours until their office opens. With Progressive, you can add roadside assistance to your auto policy, so you have immediate help and coverage right when you need it. No waiting around for your agent to open, and no wondering who’s going to pick up the tab.

It’s also easy to get a quote if you’re a new customer because it only takes a few minutes, but you may be saving more time than you realize. Progressive will not only give you a quote for coverage with them, but you can also provide you with rates from other big-name companies (in most states and situations). Getting a quote for multiple companies at once will assure you that you’re getting the best price on the market and will prevent you from making multiple, unnecessary phone calls to find out what your rates would be with another company.

Before deciding on any policy, always consider bundling so you save even more money. In most cases, when you’re insuring your vehicle–or even multiple vehicles–and your home, you can get a multi-policy discount; though, other insurance companies may not offer this savings as Progressive does so choose wisely for maximizing your coverage.