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Founded in 1977 Primerica, Inc. is a financial planning services company that provides entrepreneurial business opportunities for individuals to get licensed and distribute its financial products. Primerica’s mission is to assist families earn an income, become financially independent and debt free. Primerica life insurance is a leading distributor of financial products to middle-income earning households in the U.S. and Canada. With such a large customer base, which is drawn from the middle-class population, the company has been receiving both negative and positive reviews.

Excellent company reputation

Primerica was recently listed as one of America’s top 50 most trustworthy Financial Companies by Forbes Magazine, it was rated 99%. A customer reported that the company, through its founder’s directive, issued payments to all the families of the people who were insured by Primerica that lost their lives in the 9/11 incident. The company responded positively while other companies sat on their hands. With such kind gestures, it appears that is the reason why the company has a wide base of customers.


A lot of customers have lauded the company’s initiative of providing financial training to its distributors. One client and district leader reported having greatly benefited from the company’s training. He says the classes were personally helpful to him because they enabled him to get his reimbursement faster. This training entails instructions on life insurance, legal services, various loans and mutual funds. To become a Primerica agent, you only need to pay a one-time fee of $99 and a monthly fee of $35.

Financial needs Analysis

Primerica life insurance offers financial analysis to its clients who have an aim of developing a personalized strategy for their unique financial status. For instance, one customer reported that he had benefited from the company’s financial needs analysis, he says that after a Primerica rep sat down with him and did an FNA. The analysis helped him with a plan of eliminating his debts such that he was able to spare some money to deposit in his savings. He confesses that were it not for Primerica, he could still be broke. The FNA process takes 30 minutes to complete and helps customers develop a plan for eliminating debts, acquire tools and skills that help with income protection, education funding, and retirement solutions.

Products and services

Primerica has excellent products and services that are geared towards helping families invest for the future. The company teaches its customers financial principles that are not taught in schools. These principles include the rate of return, the rule of 72, Dollar-Cost Averaging, Tax-Deferred, and Bypass the Middleman. This products and services have greatly helped many customers. One customer reported that he had benefited from the company’s products. He says that Primerica is not a job opportunity but a business opportunity for individuals with a vision, he concludes by saying that the products are paying for those who work hard.

Inexperienced Agents

This has been a common negative review by a good number of customers against Primerica life insurance. For instance, a customer to have lost his money because of lack of knowledge and experience from the agent who introduced him to Primerica. A good number of customers have also laid it bare that Primerica’s agents to a large extent do not have the background knowledge and experience that other independent life insurance brokers have. Most of the company’s agents lack the previous financial background and have learned virtually everything that they know about wise investing from Primerica’s training.

Lack of transparency when recruiting

Lack of transparency has earned Primerica a good number of negative reviews. Consumers of its products and services have reported job interview recruiting ploys used by a number of Primerica agents to get new members to join them. One customer who was a victim says that representatives who employ this tactic will normally scroll down through job search sites and then later contact the seekers with an interview offer. Representatives do not disclose any details about the alleged job but they will inform the candidate that if they have the required skills, they shall be invited to stay longer for an information session. However, during the information session most consumers say they are forced to sign up as independent agents.