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A large national insurance company with an extensive line of products, Nationwide offers auto insurance, property insurance, life insurance, and several specialty types of insurance. The company is a popular choice among consumers, as it tends to get high marks in everything it offers.

Auto Insurance

Nationwide has all the usual coverage options available, including liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. What sets Nationwide apart are all its additional options the company offers. Perhaps most famous is its “vanishing deductible,” which raises your premium but also reduces your bill by 100 dollars every year that you drive without getting into an accident or having any tickets. The maximum reduction is 500 dollars. While this feature can come in handy, it’s up to each driver to decide if a lower deductible is worth the extra money. Since the vanishing deductible caps at 500 dollars, you can reach a point where you’ve paid more for your additional premiums than you would save.

Roadside assistance and rental car coverage are available, and Nationwide also has mechanical breakdown coverage. Nationwide has several discount options, some as simple as signing up for paperless billing. In several states, Nationwide SmartRide is available, where a device is installed in your car to monitor your driving habits. After six months, the company can discount your bill if you demonstrate safe driving habits. While Nationwide’s range of options are useful, some drivers find them convoluted and difficult to understand.

While some drivers have complained about Nationwide’s customer service or claims process, they are the exception, not the norm. The company scores very well in customer satisfaction, and drivers can file a claim over the phone, online, or through the Nationwide mobile app.

Property Insurance

Nationwide has homeowners, renters, and condo insurance. Policies typically provide protection from fires, most natural disasters, and theft. With homeowners insurance, Nationwide also offers additional living expense coverage, meaning the company pays for you to live somewhere else if your home need repairs. Nationwide includes liability and medical coverage standard with its homeowners insurance policies, keeping you covered if someone gets injured on your property. If you want to protect your roof, you can add Better Roof Replacement coverage to your policy.

One of the best options available with all Nationwide’s property insurance is Brand New Belongings coverage. If you add this to your policy, Nationwide pays to replace your belongings with new items, instead of simply paying you what the items were worth at the time of loss or damage.

Just like with its auto insurance, Nationwide also offers quite a few discounts on its property insurance, and many of the discounts aren’t hard to get. Discounts are available for newer homes, being claims-free, and equipping your home with protective devices, such as smoke alarms. In some cases, seniors qualify for additional discounts.

Life Insurance

Nationwide provides all the usual life insurance options, including term, whole, universal, and variable. Rates are about average.

Specialty Insurance

You can insure just about anything through Nationwide, as the company’s specialty insurance options include business, pet, accidental medical, and identity theft insurance. If you need something not on the company’s list, call in and they can likely assist you.


Nationwide excels in providing consumers with a variety of different types of insurance, and each type of insurance includes all kinds of coverage options and add-ons. Dealing with the company is easy, and Nationwide has a high-quality website. While the Nationwide mobile app is useful, it provides an average user experience and certainly doesn’t match the company’s website.

The only negative aspect of Nationwide is the price. It tends to be average price-wise, compared to other insurance companies, and the price can go up dramatically if you include too many optional coverages. However, most of its insurance policies have multiple discount options available, so you can cut down on your premiums.