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You may not realize this, but Metlife offers almost every type of insurance that you can think of. Their policies include auto, motorcycle, boat, home, life, health and disability insurance. Their health insurance isn’t just limited to doctor’s visits. You can also include vision and dental insurance if you’d like so you can take care of your eyes and teeth, which aren’t generally covered under ordinary health care coverage.

One of the things that you can take comfort in knowing with Metlife insurance is that one company can handle all of your needs. There’s nothing worse than trying to remember which company has which policy or writing out multiple checks per month. When you go with Metlife, you can write one check and know that all of your insurance needs are covered.

According to some of their past and present employees, reports that 70 percent of employees approve of the company’s CEO and more than half of their employees would recommend Metlife to their friends who are seeking employment. At a glance, it seems that Metlife actively engages employees who would like career growth, and when a company invests in its employees, those same employees will invest their time in you and making sure your needs are satisfied.

Now that we know that the employees give such a good company rating, the next important thing is to see what the customers are saying. Customers who have left reviews rate Metlife with an A+. With more than 120 reviews, 84 percent of customers would recommend Metlife insurance to their friends and family, which is a very high percentage. Maybe there is something to treating employees well who will, in turn, take care of customer needs.

Metlife continues to maintain high scores in customer service and “value for price”, according to some of the reviews that customers have left. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’d receive such high marks for pricing since they offer so many types of insurance. When you offer so many different types of coverage and have an enormous customer base, you can pass the savings down to your customers.

When you begin to apply for coverage with Metlife, you’ll quickly learn that your options are open with various types of coverage. For example, if you’re seeking life insurance, you can choose between whole life and term life insurance; which is something that a lot of companies are doing away with. Most companies only want to sell term life insurance, but Metlife wants you to help you keep all of your options open which is why there are so many options available when it comes to various types of coverage in the event that you or a loved one passes. If you’re in the market for vision insurance, Metlife covers more than just your annual eye exams. You’ll find that the vision insurance also covers contact lenses and name brand eyewear so you can continue to save while having coverage through them.

Their home insurance isn’t exclusive to homeowners only. Renters insurance is available to those who can’t or don’t want to purchase a home. Depending on the type of policy and coverage you’d like to have, you can choose coverage for your property, belongings, and liability. Of course, the amounts of coverage will depend on how much you want to spend and what type of lifestyle you live. If you live a basic lifestyle without all the frills, there are simple policies to offer you peace of mind. If you’re the type that likes all the frills and are into the latest and greatest, there are policies to protect your goods from damage and theft.

The bottom line is Metlife has been in the insurance business since the late 1800’s (1863), and is still going strong over 150 years later. During their time, they’ve learned a thing or two and have continued to accommodate their customer’s needs on an ongoing basis. There is literally something for everyone and with such versatile policies and pricing, you can choose which coverage suits your current situation and allow the policy to grow and change as your needs do.