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Mercury travel insurance is the leading independent agency writer and broker of automobile insurance in California. The company has been tipped as the fastest growing automobile insurer in the United States of America. Mercury travel insurance has also been ranked as the fourth largest private passenger automobile in California. The Company also provides auto coverage in other 10 states alongside other additional insurance products like home, renters, and commercial vehicle insurance. Mercury Travel insurance policies are sold through a network or independent agents. With the two-pronged approach to sales, the firm has managed to win over a large customer base. With the huge customer base, it is to be expected that the company will attract many negative and positive reviews in equal measure.

Poor customer relations

The company, in the recent years, has been accused of having poor customer relations. For instance, a customer reported that the company has been lying and stealing from him. The customer says that he had signed up with them but later canceled the contract. Despite the cancellation, however, the company still continued to make deductions from his account. When he complained to the company reps, they made 101 excuses as to why they could not refund him. To make matters worse, the company reps directed him to make all communications through emails but at the end of the day, they informed him that they didn’t receive any email from him. To customers, such kind of practices amount to fraud and have earned the company a good number of negative reviews.


Negligence is another common negative review that Mercury Travel insurance receives. A good number of customers have complained about the company’s lack of speedy action when a need arises. One customer reports that he was involved in an accident and the police report indicated the accident was inconclusive. While it took 4-6 weeks for Mercury Travel Insurance to get a copy of the police report, the other driver involved in the accident got an opportunity to come up with a fake witness something that led the company to deem the accident the customer’s fault. As a result, the company increased his premium to $100 per month and 2 points on his driving record without properly investigating the accident. To many customers, such actions from the company are unethical and amount to acting in bad faith.

Decent rates

Mercury travel insurance has been receiving positive reviews because of its decent prices. A number of customers are happy with the company’s rates. As a result, most of the firm’s clients claim that they have never had issues when filing claims or when they need to change their information. The company also offers multiple discounts that play a big role in lowering customers’ premiums. To many people, it is the cheapest insurance they have ever had.

Easy application process

Its easy application and approval process has earned the company a good number of positive reviews. The company, unlike other insurance companies, has an online sign-up option that enables the customer to sign up or transact business whenever and wherever he/she is comfortable. A customer reported that she has set up for auto withdrawal that ensures that she never worries about paying for it. Mercury Travel Insurance customers also get to enjoy free gifts when they sign up.

Easy to work with

Many customers have made positive reviews on Mercury Travel Insurance because of their simple approach to service provision. The company’s staff are easy to deal with especially when customers need to inquire about something or when they have been involved in an accident. A customer says that the company worked with him easily when he had to make late payments (not once, but several times). Another customer reported that when he was involved in an accident recently, the company ensured everything was taken care of in a professional manner. His agent was able to resolve the accident with the other insurance company, arrange for a hired car, and also found a shop to fix his car very quickly. The company’s easy approach when dealing with clients is something that has continued to earn it more positive reviews and customers.