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A smaller insurance company that focuses on auto, property, and life insurance, MAPFRE Insurance has a strong customer base in a couple states. The company partners with AAA and offers a discount to AAA members in certain areas. MAPFRE Insurance isn’t competitive price-wise and, although it emphasizes personal attention and customer service in its marketing, it also has issues with customer satisfaction. You’d be wise to shop around a bit before going with MAPFRE Insurance, as there are likely better deals available.

Auto Insurance

MAPFRE Insurance offers auto insurance in several states, but coverage and discount options vary heavily depending on the state. For the most part, the company has the standard lineup of any auto insurance company, with all the coverage required by the state and more thorough options, such as comprehensive coverage. It also has many typical add-ons, such as disappearing deductibles. One nice thing about MAPFRE Insurance is that its accident forgiveness program has fewer requirements than many of its competitors’ programs, so drivers are more likely to qualify.

Besides the usual discounts, MAPFRE Insurance gives AAA members in select states 10 percent off their premium. You can get an online insurance quote through the company, but insurance sales go through the agents. While the AAA discount is nice, if you don’t qualify, you’re likely going to pay more than you would with other insurance companies. Another issue is that many customers report dramatic rate increases for minor accidents or tickets.

Claims are one of this company’s weakpoints. MAPFRE Insurance does let you file a claim in person, over the phone, or online, which is convenient. However, the company ranks near the bottom when it comes to claims satisfaction among its customers. Many of these customers were upset with charges they incurred after an at-fault accident or the amount their premium increased, but others were dissappointed in the company’s claim process.

Property Insurance

MAPFRE Insurance has homeowners, renters, and condo insurance available, and its coverage options are good overall. Customers can choose from basic and more extensive protection, and several add-on options are available to protect from water damage, liability issues, and identity theft. For property insurance, the company suffers from the same issues regarding high premiums and poor handling of claims.

Other Types of Insurance

MAPFRE Insurance also has several other types of insurance, including personal umbrella, business, and life insurance. The company’s life insurance doesn’t require a medical exam, but like other life insurance policies of that nature, the policies are expensive for a low level of coverage.

Website and Online Resources

The MAPFRE Insurance website is sorely lacking. Not only is it light on information, the design can change quite a bit from page to page, so it doesn’t feel cohesive. You have to select your state to navigate anywhere on the website, which could turn users off. Even more of an issue is the quote process. Getting an online insurance quote requires that you entire a significant amount of personal information, which feels intrusive and takes too long.

While the MAPFRE Insurance website is certainly more professional than many low-cost insurance companies, it doesn’t provide near the information or ease of use that you get on other competitors’ websites.


MAPFRE Insurance is a bit of an oddity when it comes to insurance companies. It prides itself on personal attention and service, yet it receives very low scores for customer satisfaction. Despite that, it is a popular choice in certain areas.

For the amount you’d pay to MAPFRE Insurance in premiums, you can likely purchase an insurance policy from a larger company that has much more to offer in terms of customer satisfaction and coverages. The only time this company is a good deal is when you’re eligible for its AAA discount, and even then, that lower bill comes with troublesome service issues.


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