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One of the largest and most established consumer-focused insurance companies in the country is Liberty Mutual. Liberty Mutual today is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and has over 50,000 employees. The company has been in business for 104 years and manages over $120 billion in assets. Liberty Mutual largely focuses on providing consumer insurance products in the United States and abroad through a number of different operating partners.

Liberty Mutual offers insurance in three major product lines. The first product line is its auto and vehicle product line. In this type of product line, a consumer will be able to purchase an insurance policy for all of their vehicles. These can include cars, motorcycles, trucks, and commercial vehicles. The company will also be able to provide on specialty and recreational vehicles including boats, RVs, and even classic or antique cars. Liberty Mutual excels in ensuring a customer is given the right policy for their needs. This will include reviewing all of the local and state requirements, requirements in basic auto loans, and also considering the type of car insured.

Another popular type of insurance that the company provides is their real estate insurance. Liberty Mutual continues to be one of the largest providers of real estate insurance in the country. They work with hundreds of different mortgage lenders to provide adequate insurance on single-family homes, condos, vacation property, and even manufactured housing. The company can also provide renters insurance to tenants, landlord insurance to landlords, and even some basic commercial insurance policies and umbrella liability coverage. For those that live in areas of the country that are susceptible to named storms or flooding, additional flood insurance is available.

The third major product line that Liberty Mutual participates in is their Life, Family, and Health policy. This type of insurance includes basic life insurance coverage that includes term life policies and whole life polices. The company has a wide range of options for people to choose from to ensure they are able to get the term limit and coverage amount needed. Within this product line, Liberty Mutual also provide identity theft coverage that will protect individuals in the event their identity is stolen and suffer a personal or financial loss. Consumers could also purchase pet insurance that will provide veterinary care and coverage for a family’s animal.

Consumers overall have positive things to say about Liberty Mutual. The company has an easy to use website interface that allows for online application, account management, bill pay, and policy review. Consumers state that Liberty Mutual has very good terms and pricing and that even more money can be saved when a consumer decides to combine multiple policies together into a larger family policy.


Liberty Mutual Insurance Review