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Life insurance is essential for every person. Regardless of age, one day, we will all transition from this life, so it just makes sense to have a good life insurance plan in place.

Globe Life Insurance is hassle free and provides good coverage. It is affordable and it is simple. That is the way Globe Life Insurance prefers it. They provide inexpensive life insurance that is not complicated to understand. You pay a monthly, quarterly, or yearly premium and they provide you with life Insurance coverage.

The history of this company is solid. In 1961, the company was started in Oklahoma. Initially, the life insurance coverage was limited to only those in that state, but now, this company offers coverage nationwide. Globe writes life insurance policies for adults and children. All ages are welcome. It is super easy to get approved for coverage. Once again, the goal of Globe Life is to make the life insurance buying process, hassle free.

One popular marketing technique is offering up to 100,000 for $1. This $1 just covers the first month; it does not have anything to do with the actual monthly premium amount.

Globe offers insurance direct buy with no agents. You buy directly with them instead of having to deal with life insurance agents. They cut out the middle man which reduces your cost also.

The corporate headquarters are in Oklahoma City, OK, but this company provides coverage for millions across the US. New York is the only exception, the policy is not licensed in New York. Globe life markets that you can get an affordable life insurance policy with no medical exam and no hassle. From birth to the grave is the theme. They provide coverage to everyone.

Globe Life markets a a few insurance products. They provide both whole life and term life coverage. A Whole life plan is intended to cover you for life. You pay a monthly premium and the plan will insure you up to the amount that the policy is written for. Upon your death, benefits will be paid out to the policy limits. Whole Life accures interest and eventually money can be borrowed from the plan. The insured or borrower will need to pay the money back, but the policy builds value.

Term Life insurance is for a specified period of time. A term Life insurance policy provides a specified amount of life insurance for a specified amount of time. For instance, a 10 year policy is written to cover you, if you die within that time period and premiums are paid, your beneficiary will receive the policy limits as long as all waiting periods have been met and the terms of the plan are satisfied.

Adults can get term life insurance policies up to 100,000. This term life coverage is very affordable. This policy does not build cash value. Each premium must be made monthly to avoid cancellation. Adults can get a whole life policy up to 50,000 of coverage. Globe writes whole life policies for kids up to 25,000.

Globe Life Insurance also offers Accidental Death coverage. If a person between the ages of 18-69 dies in an accident or some other way other than disease or natural causes, the plan can pay up to $250,000. The premiums for this product are specific to this type of policy.

Mortgage Protection coverage is also offered. You can get up to $350,000 in mortgage protection in the event of your death. If you die, your family will not have to struggle to make mortgage payments with this coverage. In the event of he death of an insured, Globe will pay up to $350,000 to pay the balance of the mortgage on a home.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Another popular product is the Medicare Supplement coverage. Medicare is health insurance for those who are 65 years and older who qualify for Social Security benefits. Although this federal government insurance covers approximately 80% of all medical expenses, the remaining 20% is left up to the insured. Globe provides insurance coverage to pay for this difference. This is an excellent product to consider if you are a Medicare recipient.

Simple and Hassle Free is the key with Globe. They make buying all of their insurance products simple and hassle free.