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Geico Insurance Company, previously Government Employees Insurance Company, was started in 1936. In over seven decades, the company has grown to be among the best insurance companies in the fifty states of U.S and the District of Columbia. Geico offers private passenger automobile insurance. Clients have shown great interest in the firm’s products and have particularly expressed confidence in the firm’s online services, its affordable rates, and a professional customer care personnel. While there are many who are satisfied at Geico, there are other clients who have been disappointed in Geico’s services and products.

Customer Service And Affordable Rates

Being in the market for years, Geico has earned customers trust as expressed by some of the clients in the reviews. For instance, a client lauded Geico for their efficient delivery of services, rates, and promptness in resolving issues compared to other companies that the client had dealt with. The client was pleased with Geico’s services and reported that he had been insured by the company for over ten years and even though he tried checking rates in other companies, he always returned to Geico as it was pocket-friendly.

Apart from this client, another client expressed satisfaction in the manner that she had dealt with Geico. She reports that she found their service delivery methods easy and efficient adding that the company had reliable customer care services. The client further stated that the firm’s agents were knowledgeable and friendly in their explanations and that they politely listened to her before solving her problem.

Although there are many positive comments on Geico’s services, some customers felt unsatisfied by the services offered by the company. For example, one client said that he had never had issues with Geico until when he needed them to solve an urgent problem. The client expressed his disgust in Geico as he was in dire need of their help but they never helped him. Even though the client recommended other people to Geico because of their low rates, he said that he would rather spend more money elsewhere for better services. According to reviews on, customers interested in affordable car insurance policy could find Geico’s low rates appealing.

Online Interface

Geico provides online services that are considered a plus to the clients since it enables them to save on resources such as time and money. The online services are easy to use and reliable as noted by some customers. One could easily get a quote in the comfort of their home, which is an added advantage. For example, a client said that he was happy with the online interface as it is easy to use. He pointed out that with the platform, registering, making changes on one’s policy, and making changes to one’s address had become simple tasks. The client also reports that his rates fell significantly after four years with Geico on his coverage.

Another customer praised Geico arguing that the company had unmatched customer support, low rates, and personnel that made clients feel safe. This is because she could easily pay her bills online and print out her proof of insurance. The client said that she would recommend Geico to friends and family.

According to, Geico mobile app could help the customers to track their policy and bill details quickly. The mobile app enables one to access one’s Geico policy, digital auto insurance identification card, pay bills, and submit claims.

Although the mobile app is perfect for viewing one’s policy, coverage details, and claims, some users complain that it has failed to offer them the flexibility and power to edit their policy. The complaints notwithstanding, many customers were very satisfied with the online services. For instance, a client said that he did not need an agent as he could easily use the online services to complete all his transactions.