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Freeway Insurance is by far most popular for its auto insurance, where its primary customer base is drivers who have spotty driving records or need insurance quickly. The company also offers several other types of insurance, including property and life insurance. While Freeway’s rates are often low, it comes at the expense of the service and professionalism offered by other insurance companies.

Auto Insurance

Freeway focuses on auto insurance, and if offers fast quotes online, over the phone, or at one of the company’s local offices. Auto insurance through Freeway is only available in a few states. Customers have mentioned the company’s fast quote process and that it’s a good way to get insurance if you have major accidents or violations, such as driving under the influence, on your record. However, many customers complain about Freeway for deceptive pricing and billing, with quotes that are low online and then higher when signing up via phone being a common issue. Several customers also mention that Freeway charged them a higher amount than they agreed.

Freeway does tend to have low rates with all the standard auto insurance discounts available, including good driver discounts, good student discounts, and discounts for paying your policy in full. It also has the standard auto insurance coverages, such as liability, collision, and full coverage. One thing to keep in mind is that Freeway charges a fee for signing up which doesn’t get refunded if you cancel. Some customers report that they were able to haggle and get a lower fee. Freeway doesn’t have much in terms of additional perks or additional policy features, although gap coverage is an option if you have a car loan.

Customer service can be an issue with Freeway, resulting in a poor customer experience. Customers report rude representatives and receiving incorrect information from representatives. In many cases, this incorrect information led to billing issues. The company does have a 24-hour phone line available.

The claims process with Freeway is below average. You have to call in to make a claim, as the company doesn’t have a mobile app or offer an online claims option. Representatives are usually helpful with claims, although the process can be slow.

Property Insurance

Freeway offers multiple types of property insurance, including homeowners and renters insurance. Rates are competitive and the company has standard coverage options, protecting from fires, certain natural disasters, break-ins, plumbing system issues, and select other occurrences. The company’s property insurance is solid overall without much in the way of extras, but its customer service issues are still a problem.

Life Insurance

Freeway has basic whole life insurance and term life insurance. With its rates and coverage, Freeway is a decent option for life insurance, although you can probaby find a superior policy with a larger life insurance company.

Other Types of Insurance

For a smaller company, Freeway has a wide range of insurance types, including business insurance, boat insurance, and health insurance.

Poor Website Design

Freeway has a basic website that focuses on providing auto insurance quotes. While the website has a blog and a FAQs page, valuable information is limited, and it only has one page for each type of insurance. You can definitely tell the difference between Freeway and larger insurance companies based on their websites, as the Freeeway website isn’t as professional and the user experience is lacking. Freeway also doesn’t have a mobile app, even though those are fairly common among insurance companies.


Freeway is a below average choice for insurance, with its primary issue being a lack of professionalism, specifically in terms of its customer service and billing practices. It also doesn’t have a very good web presence, especially compared to its competition. While Freeway can be a decent, affordable choice for insurance, the number of customer complaints, especially about billing, are cause for concern. You can likely find similar rates from a higher end insurance company if you shop around.