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Foremost Insurance has an extensive range of insurance options, especially when it comes to property, business, and auto insurance. The company’s strength lies in its flexibility, and it serves many customers who have trouble getting insurance elsewhere, either because of their history or because they need a type of insurance that most companies don’t offer. Flexibility does come at a cost in the form of higher premiums, and Foremost Insurance is also lacking when it comes to online services.

Auto Insurance

Foremost Insurance provides the standard insurance coverages and options, and it has many of the industry’s most common discounts, including bundle discounts and good driver discounts. The bundle discount is particularly useful since the company is part of the extensive Farmer’s Insurance network, so it’s easy to find policies to bundle together.

Premiums are usually more expensive than they are with other insurance companies, partially because Foremost Insurance is available to drivers who may not be able to get insured through other companies. Unlike many auto insurance companies, Foremost Insurance also offers insurance for recreational vehicles, and those policies have coverage specifically designed for RVs, such as emergency expense coverage and RV towing.

Property Insurance

While the company offers standard homeowners insurance, it’s forte lies in property insurance for non-traditional properties, such as mobile homes, vacation homes, and vacant properties. Again, premiums tend to be on the high side, but if you’re unable to get coverage through other insurance companies, you may want to give this company a try.

Business Insurance

Foremost Insurance offers quite a few business insurance policies in a range of different fields. Certain coverage options differ from state to state, but no matter what your business is, you can likely get coverage through Foremost Insurance.

All Kinds of Coverage

Foremost Insurance has a specific target market, and that’s people who, for one reason or another, are having trouble finding insurance. The most common reasons are that the customer needs a specialized type of insurance, or that the customer has a poor history, whether that’s a poor driving history or credit history. In these situations, Foremost Insurance can likely help, but you end up with higher premiums than normal.

Lack of Online Options

Don’t expect much in the way of online options with Foremost Insurance. The company’s website is simple enough to navigate and has decent information, but it’s average at best when compared with other insurance companies. Its primary problem is the lack of online account options. You can’t get a quote online and instead have to go through an insurance agent, which makes some sense considering the company’s specialized insurance options, but is still inconvenient. You can’t submit a claim through the website, and the company doesn’t have a mobile app.

The Claims Process

Besides the lack of an online claims option, Foremost Insurance is average when it comes to claims. Claim reporting options vary depending on the type of claim, but you can always call the company’s 24-hour line. A claim agent or team handles every claim. Some customers have complained about the claims process, in particular for poor customer service and low payouts. However, the number of complaints are normal for an insurance company of this size.


Foremost Insurance probably isn’t the first choice of insurance for most customers, as its premiums are higher than average and it doesn’t stand out in any particular area. For the most part, the company is one that you choose when you don’t have many other options. If you have at least a decent history and you’re looking for a traditional type of insurance, you can probaby find a better deal through another company than you would get through Foremost Insurance. However, if you require non-traditional insurance or you have some issues getting insurance through other companies, Foremost Insurance can be a solid choice.


Foremost Insurance Review

Foremost Insurance Review