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Named after the Pennsylvania city where it orignated in 1925, Erie Insurance has quite a few types of insurance available, including auto, property, and life insurance, in a limited number of states. The company has several unique coverage options and competitive rates, making it a popular choice. It ranks high in most areas, and is known for promoting itself primarily through its positive word of mouth. If you live within the Erie Insurance coverage area, this company is an excellent choice that’s worthy of your consideration.

Auto Insurance

This company got its start with auto insurance, and its lineup includes the standard coverage options, such as liability and comprehensive coverage. Besides those normal options, Erie Insurance also offers several coverage add-ons that you don’t see very often, including pet injury coverage, coverage for personal items in your vehicle during an accident, and even travel expense coverage if you miss out on your destination due to an accident.

Erie Insurance has a reputation for taking care of its customers, and its discount options reflect that. While accident forgiveness is common among auto insurance companies, Erie Insurance is one of the few that provides it at no additional cost. Stay with the company for 15 years and you’re eligible for Feature 15, which means you don’t get a surcharge for any future accidents. Another option to keep your premium is Erie Rate Lock, which locks your premium for your vehicle.

Premiums tend to be affordable and very competitive with other insurance companies. One reason for this is because Erie Insurance takes on low risk drivers. If you have a poor driving record, you may not be able to get insurance with this company. The claims process may be Erie Insurance’s one weakness, as customers have reported issues with it. That being said, the company still rates about average when it comes to claims, it just doesn’t quite meet its own high standard in that regard.

Property Insurance

Erie Insurance offers multiple home protection insurance plans, renters insurance, and condo insurance. Each of those has different coverage options available to meet your specific needs. While the company’s property insurance doesn’t have all the bells and whistles available with its auto insurance, its still excellent insurance.

Other Types of Insurance

Erie Insurance also has several different types of life insurance, marine insurance, and business insurance, to name a few. For an insurance company that isn’t national, Erie Insurance has a solid selection of insurance types available. It does have a couple glaring ommissions, including motorcyle and specialty vehicle insurance.


The company’s website is good overall, although it lacks the polish of many major insurance companies’ websites. Navigation is simple and the website provides some useful information. It also has online quoting, although you must purchase insurance through an agent. You can log in to your account and manage claims online. Erie Insurance doesn’t have a mobile app, which is becoming important in this day and age.

High Quality Service

For awhile, Erie Insurance didn’t do much advertising and instead let its customers do its promotion. When you treat your customers as well as Erie Insurance does, you can get away with that, as the company ranks high in customer satisfaction. Representatives are helpful and a good source of information, so you can expect a good experience when you call the company.


Within its coverage area, Erie Insurance ranks among the top insurance options, no matter what type of insurance you need. Competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and extensive coverage options make this company well rounded without any glaring weaknesses. It could use a mobile app and some improvements on its website, but this company has been doing right by its customers for a long time.


Erie Insurance Review

Erie Insurance Review