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Elephant Auto Insurance is available in only four states and is a low-end auto insurance company, which means rates tend to be low but the service is subpar. Other types of insurance, including homeowners and renters insurance, are available through this company’s partners. Elephant is more than just a name, as the company also works with the Born Free Foundation and Tusk, two organizations that help animals.

A Basic Setup

Elephant is definitely one of the smaller insurance companies, and that’s apparent when you check out the website. It has a very simple design, the images detract from the user experience, and overall, it lacks the professionalism of many larger insurance companies websites. However, the simple layout does make the website easy to navigate, and it provides useful information under its FAQs section. You can get a quote in just a few minutes, which is great if you’re in a hurry. Unlike many other insurance companies, Elephant doesn’t offer a mobile app, so you have to call or go online to file a claim.

Premiums and Coverage

Elephant’s main selling point is its premiums, which are some of the lowest on the market. Considering it’s a low-cost company, Elephant has surprisingly good coverage options, with basic liability and more extensive coverage options available, as well as gap coverage. The company offers several discounts to drive premiums even lower, including good student discounts, safe driver discounts, and multi-vehicle discounts. Even though Elephant itself only offers auto insurance, you can still get a bundle discount if you purchase other types of insurance through the company’s partners.

Customer Service

The customer experience is one area where Elephant falls far short of the competition. The company has a large number of complaints considering its small size, and complaints come from both Elephant customers and drivers who have gotten into accidents with Elephant drivers.

Many Elephant customers complain about billing issues, such as excessive cancellation fees, deceptive billing practices, and unauthorized charges after policy cancellations. Both Elephant customers and other drivers have mentioned that the company handles claims poorly. Contacting Elephant over the phone is a significant issue, as the company can be difficult to reach and often has lengthy hold times. Callers have reported rude representatives that sometimes even intentionally disconnect calls. While complaints regarding claims happen with any insurance company, Elephant has a large number, indicating that customer service is a problem area.


While Elephant has good premiums and coverage, the overall experience is lacking and its customer service issues make claims a hassle. There are larger companies with comparable prices and superior customer service, so you should shop around before choosing Elephant.


Elephant Auto Insurance Review