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Combined Insurance is a supplemental insurance company, so it provides coverage that supplements your existing insurance policies. Several different types of coverage are available to protect against accidents and illnesses. While supplemental insurance isn’t as high priority as other types of insurance, it can be extremely useful in times of need, and Combined Insurance is a great choice for these types of coverage. The company has been around since 1922, and it has an excellent reputation. Service is great for both current and potential customers, and you get plenty of personal attention during claims and when you shop for a policy.

Types of Insurance

Combined Insurance’s lineup includes life insurance, accident coverage, illness coverage, and disability insurance, with different amounts of coverage available for each option. Its life insurance is whole life coverage for up to $50,000, or up to $100,000 if you add the accidental death option. If you’re only looking for life insurance, shop around before choosing Combined Insurance, as you may be able to find better coverage for a lower premium.

The company’s range of insurance options makes it easy to find coverage that fits your specific needs. The Combined Insurace website has a needs assessment you can take if you’re unsure what type of coverage is right for you, or you can schedule a meeting with one of the company’s insurance agents. Premiums with Combined Insurance tend to be competitive for what they offer, so you get a good value with most of the company’s insurance options.


The claims process is one area where Combined Insurance shines, both in terms of convenience and customer support. You can call in during the company’s hours (which are standard business hours Monday through Friday) to file your claim by phone, or file your claim online anytime through the Policyholder Center section of the website. The website has all the forms necessary for any type of insurance claim.

After filing a claim, a representative gets in touch with you to go through the remainder of the process. Claims are an area where many insurance companies rack up complaints, but that’s not the case with Combined Insurance. The company has a fairly low number of complaints, especially when you take its size into account, and the majority of the claims complaints are about claim denials. If you fully understand your policy and what it covers, you shouldn’t run into those types of issues.


Combined Insurance has a website that blends professionalism with ease of use. On top of that, it’s packed with helpful information. Navigation is simple and every page on the site feels like it has just the right amount of information, so it’s informative without being overwhelming to the user. The website has all the tools you need to manage your account or figure out what type of insurance is best for you. Overall, the Combined Insurance website ranks right up there with the best major insurance company websites, which is quite impressive for a supplemental insurance company.

One drawback of Combined Insurance is that it doesn’t offer a mobile app. While this isn’t as necessary with supplement insurance as it is with auto or property insurance policies, it would still be nice if customers could manage their accounts using their smartphone.


Combined Insurance is a great choice for anyone in need of supplemental insurance. The company’s high quality website, extensive coverage options, and excellent customer service combine for a first class experience. Agents don’t use any high pressure sales tactics, so you can meet and discuss your options without feeling inclined to buy right away. It’s always a good idea to shop around and compare rates, but you can’t go wrong with coverage under Combined Insurance.


Combined Insurance Review