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Insurance Options For Small Business

Amica insurance company may not have the national status that most industry giants have but this Rhode Island-based insurance company stands tall among more established and recognized insurers on price and customer service. Apart from auto insurance, Customers purchasing Amica insurance are able to get a boat, home, or life insurance alongside an umbrella liability. The company partners with other companies to provide small-business insurance together with coverage for weddings and special events. Established in 1907, Amica is the oldest mutual auto insurance company in United States. Due to its large customer base, the company is not short of both negative and positive reviews.

Excellent Customer Service

Many customers have positively reviewed Amica insurance because it has excellent customer service that guides insurance buyers on the right choices. The customer care staff is knowledgeable about the types of insurance the company offers. Many customers are satisfied with the manner in which the customer service has helped them in answering their questions. For example, a customer reported that he received prompt help from the customer care. After changing his address and change of beneficiary he received his paperwork in his mail in a timely manner. His information was updated on time too. This shows the company’s steadfastness in ensuring the needs of their customers come first and are handled the best manner, which explains why many customers recommend it to friends and family.

Cheap Rates

Amica insurance has the most competitive rates in the market. Their home insurance rates do not increase as much as compared to other insurance companies each year. Their rates increase by just $10-$20 per year. Additionally, the company keeps its customers informed about their policies and any changes within the company. Amica insurance customers enjoy a reasonable deductible of $500. A good number of customers have pledged not to change their insurance company.

Low Level Of Transparency

This is a common negative review and complaint against Amica insurance where customers express their dissatisfaction on what appears to be predatory charges devoid of insurance cover promised by the company. For example, a customer reported a lack of transparency and unfair trade practice undertaken by the company on Consumer Affairs. The client reported that after his car was involved in an accident with an uninsured car while his wife was driving the company failed to compensate him. This is even after a report showed that the other driver was in the wrong. Amica was able to refuse the claim by insisting that the client was not covered for uninsured motorist. The client had to pay the towing company a hefty sum for the six days storage his car had stayed in their yard and for the towing services. This shows Amica’s lack of transparency and acting in bad faith, which explains why many clients advice against Amica’s policy covers.

Lack Of Loyalty

Some clients have expressed concerns over a lack of loyalty by the company. A loyal customer reported that he had been paying his insurance premiums for more than 20 years. However, some 9 years ago when he wished to continue with them but on a home in rural southern California, the company could here none of that. The company informed him that they could not help him due to potential fire loss in that region. The client had to find help from a local agent with State Farm.

There have also been complaints by customers over scam activities by the company. For instance, a customer reported that after receiving an email saying that he was late in paying and could be canceled, he immediately logged into their website and made the payment. Despite the remitted payments, the company went ahead to cancel and indicated that he had to pay for a new policy at 2000 on the pretext that he had no proof or prior insurance. The customer found it ridiculous because the company knew very well he had a prior insurance of which they themselves canceled just so that they could charge him a ridiculous rate despite the fact he had been with them for long. To customers, such actions amount to a lack of loyalty and acting in bad faith, which is illegal.