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With auto insurance, property insurance, life insurance, and several other types of insurance available, Allstate can cover just about every consumer’s needs. The company has reasonably priced policies and does an excellent job of providing information online and over the phone, but it can be hit and miss in terms of customer satisfaction.

Auto Insurance

Allstate offers several coverage options with its auto insurance, including comprehensive, collision, or just liability. The company definitely isn’t the most inexpensive option, although coverage isn’t overpriced, either, and Allstate has quite a few discount options. Drivers can get discounts for paying their policy in full, bundling multiple insurance policies, or driving an economy car, among many other possible discounts. Hitting the three and five-year marks driving without any accidents or tickets also entitles drivers to discounts.

Allstate also has its Drivewise program, where drivers can earn cash back and AllState Rewards by completing safe driving challenges. Every six months without an incident, Allstate sends the driver a Safe Driving Bonus Check.

While Allstate has quite a few reward and discount options, its customer service is lacking. Drivers rate it average at best, and the claims process can be slow. Drivers are able to make claims over the phone, online, or through the Allstate mobile app.

Property Insurance

Allstate’s property insurance may be superior to its auto insurance. Although the rates are still only average, it again offers a plethora of discounts that help lower the cost. What really makes the company’s property insurance stand out is how well it educates customers and potential customers. Phone representatives provide home owners with plenty of useful information, without any aggressive selling tactics. The Allstate website is equally useful, as it breaks down the different types of coverages available and has a Common and Costly Claims Tool to show home owners the most common claims for their zip code. The site’s GoodHome home report shows the home owner a video of their home using Google Street View while describing possible risks. It’s a bit scary, but it’s also very useful.

The claims process is above average for Allstate’s property insurance, as the company ranks highly in claims satisfaction surveys. While many of Allstate’s online tools focus on its homeowners insurance, it also provides ample information on renters and condo insurance.

Life Insurance

Allstate offers term, universal, and whole life insurance, with whole life allowing the policy holder to withdraw funds or take out a loan against the policy. The company’s website provides extensive information about each option, helping customers find the policy that’s right for them.

Other Types of Insurance

Allstate is a large insurance company with an extensive selection of insurance types, including business, pet, landlord, and boat insurance, to name a few.


Allstate ranks in the middle of the pack in most regards. The company offers quite a few bells and whistles in terms of discount options, but even with those discounts, pricing for all its policies is still about average. The claims process is usually fine, although some customers have had issues with slow claims or poor customer service.

The sheer amount of information Allstate provides is its strong point, as customers can learn a significant amount through the company’s phone representatives and website. The Allstate site is easy to use and has an excellent layout, so users can find what they need quickly. The Allstate mobile app is useful in times of need, such as for filing a claim, but is also fairly basic and far inferior to the company’s website.


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