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Allied Insurance began as an auto insurance company, before expanding to property and other types of insurance. In 1998, it merged with Nationwide Insurance, and it’s now considered a Nationwide Insurance company, although it operates under its own brand. Allied Insurance has good service and an above average claims process, but premiums are higher than many of its competitors. The company’s online experience is sorely lacking, which is a significant drawback and source of complaints.

Auto Insurance

In terms of auto insurance coverage and discount options, Allied Insurance is about average. It advertises fully customizable coverage that you can set up however you want, but in practice, its coverage options are the same as most other major insurance companies. You can get the usual liability, collision, or comprehensive coverages, along with useful extra features, such as accident forgiveness, rental coverage, and roadside assistance. It has an optional program called Allied Rewards which is essentially a standard deductible reduction program, where drivers pay higher premiums but see their deductible decrease for each year they drive without accidents or tickets. This program, like other deductible reduction programs, isn’t worth the additional premium costs for most drivers.

Discount options include bundle discounts, safe driver discounts, and good student discounts. While Allied Insurance isn’t overly expensive, several other insurance companies offer lower rates. The company provides 12-month policies as opposed to the usual 6-month policies offered by most insurance companies, which means premiums can only increase or decrease half as often. The overall financial effect of this is negligible, though.

The company’s biggest weakness is its lack of online options. Drivers aren’t able to sign up with Allied Insurance or even get a quote through the company’s website, instead needing to go through an agent. Agents are indepedent and a great resource for information, so you do get a great in-person experience through this company. However, online quoting is standard for most insurance companies, making it a glaring ommission for Allied Insurance.

The claims process through Allied Insurance is very good and far superior to the sign-up process. You can file and monitor claims in-person, over the phone, online, or through the company’s mobile app.

Property Insurance

The company’s property insurance includes homeowners, renters, and condo insurance. While Allied Insurance has all the standard property insurance coverage options, it also offers some extras that can come in handy, including protections for debris removal, additional living expenses incurred because of a covered loss, and fire department charges. Premiums are, again, a bit below average, but the claims process is still simple and convenient.

Other Types of Insurance

Allied Insurance can handle most of your insurance needs. Other types of insurance offered by this company include life insurance, business insurance, powersport insurance, and much more.

Website and Mobile App

The Allied Insurance website is decent, as it has a simple layout and some useful information, although not nearly as much as other major insurance company websites. The biggest flaw is its lack of an online quote feature, which puts it behind the times.

Somewhat surprisingly, the company isn’t behind the times when it comes to its mobile app, which is among the best in the business. The app is packed with features, allowing you to easily handle your claim online and even submit pictures for your claims.


Allied Insurance falls short of the best insurance companies, as it can’t quite compete with them on price and the company holds itself back by not offering online insurance quotes. For customers accustomed to getting quotes online within minutes, that’s a major drawback.

The company does have extensive coverage options, and its service is solid, as well. Claims complaints are common for insurance companies, but Allied Insurance actually has a relatively low number of complaints, considering its size. It also has quite a few positive reviews, indicating that customers enjoy the level of service they receive from the company. If you don’t mind meeting with an agent for a quote, Allied Insurance is worth checking out.


Allied Insurance Review

Allied Insurance Review