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Allianz Global Assistance provides travel insurance for both domestic and international trips. Coverage can include trip cancellation protection, trip interruption protection, emergency medical transportation, emergency medical or dental coverage, travel delay coverage, missed connection coverage, and rental car damage protection. Travelers can also get coverage for lost, delayed, or stolen baggage. With the company’s extensive coverage options, travelers can protect themselves from almost any issues through Allianz.

Very Easy to Use and Informative

Simplicity and ease of use are two of the best parts of the Allianz experience. The website has an excellent layout, so navigating through it is a breeze, whether you’re there to get a travel insurance quote or file a claim. It also has helpful how-to videos and articles with travel tips. If you need assistance over the phone, Allianz has a 24-hour line with multilingual representatives. You can call in for anything from basic information to emergency situations, such as if you need legal advice or payment to get into a hospital.

Allianz has an online claims checklist to help you get your entire claim in order before you submit it. You can check the status of your claim online, and the entire claims process is complete within 10 business days of the company receiving all the necessary documentation. Travelers typically reported positive experiences when they needed to file a claim with Allianz, stating that they got their reimbursement in a timely fashion and without any issues.

Common Complaints

The main complaint travelers have lodged about Allianz is that they didn’t receive reimbursement at all or didn’t receive adequate reimbursement from the company. However, the only time the company hasn’t issued reimbursement is when the situation wasn’t covered under the traveler’s policy. In situations where the traveler felt they didn’t receive adequate payment, it was because their expenses were greater than their policy’s coverage. If you read the terms of your Allianz insurance policy and fully understand them, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Pricing and Coverage

Compared to other travel insurance companies, the coverage Allianz offers is about average, and premiums are a bit higher than average. Coverage is above average in certain areas, such as dental coverage, where Allianz has no limit, and below average in others, such as medical coverage. The company also doesn’t cover lost medication, so if medical coverage is your main reason for purchasing travel insurance, you may want to choose another company. While Allianz has reasonable premiums, they do tend to be higher than the competition.


Allianz is a good choice for travel insurance, as it provides an excellent user experience and doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses. It isn’t the cheapest option, but it keeps you covered and has an efficient claims process.