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Although AAA has been in existence since March 4, 1902, they still only received a three-star overall rating for their insurance services. Founded in Chicago, Illinois, AAA provides nationwide insurance coverage for automobiles, home insurance, life insurance and specialty insurance, such as personal umbrella insurance, small business insurance, boat and watercraft insurance and insurance for Mexico based automobiles.

Most of the reviews were based on areas such as how quickly claims were processed, general customer service performance, amounts of deductibles, responses to accidents, exclusions, what’s covered in various insurance policies, dealing with mechanics and replacement parts.


AAA received a total of 622 reviews, but they were only rated by 177 individuals. Of those, 44 of them rated AAA as a five-star insurance company, 28 rated them as a four-star company, 12 of them rated them as a three-star company, six of them rated them as a two-star company and 87 of them rated them as a one-star company.

Their overall rating was a 3 star because the majority of their ratings came from the one-star category, which accounts for 0.4915 or 49% of the overall rating.

Five Star Ratings

The majority of the customers who gave AAA a five-star rating were very satisfied with the customer service that they provided and the manner in which they processed their claims. The majority of these satisfied customers were also very pleased with how quickly AAA responded to their call as well as how quickly they processed their claims. Others were very satisfied with the fact that their deductibles did not increase after their involvement in the accident.

Four Star Ratings

Like the satisfied customers who provided a five-star rating, those who provided a four-star rating was also very pleased with the great customer service, the roadside assistance, and the user-friendly insurance policy. According to them, both the policy and the coverage was very easy to understand. They also found the customer service to be very fast, readily available, understanding and helpful. The accident claims were handled very well and very professionally according to the four-star raters.

Three Star Ratings

Customers who provided a three-star rating had some issues that were of great concern to them. Most were related to issues with technicalities, such as price increases in premiums and /or the deductible. For example, one customer’s issue was that after having their first accident in 10 years, apparently there was an increase in the premium, which tripled.

There were additional complaints made by customers who rated AAA a three star, which was based on what was also considered a technical issue. It had to do with the customer not being able to remove someone else from their insurance policy and got stuck paying for insurance coverage for someone else’s vehicle. They were very displeased with the decision of AAA in this regard and thus the three-star rating.

Two Star Ratings

AAA was issued a two-star rating by someone who experienced car trouble in an area that was roughly three hours from their home. Although AAA found a repair shop on their behalf, the repair shop was 13 miles away, which cost them a surcharge of $40 for the tow, which the customer thought was outrageous. In addition to that, upon the customer’s arrival, there was no mechanic available to repair the car on that particular day. The only mechanic available that day was only able to service oil changes. Needless to say, the customer was very unhappy with AAA for the additional cost and for the major inconvenience.

One Star Ratings

Customers that gave AAA one-star ratings did so for a variety of reasons. One, however, involved an issue with a prepayment that was made to cover a full year’s worth of insurance. But, somehow, only five months of coverage was paid for due to some unknown penalties. As a result, only 3 1/2 months of insurance coverage was applied to the customer’s account due to the penalties.

Another customer was displeased about coverage that they had on multiple vehicles for several years, yet experienced a major price increase in the amount of $460 because they drove a few more miles than the previous year.